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My dog realy loves me

I had a cinimon Chow several years ago,and boy did was he protective of me. I found out why one night when I came home a little tipsy from fucking my girl freind. I had been out with my girl and we got busy at her house and when I came home like always my chow followed me to my bed room. Now first let me say that I am not gay but have let a few ladies play with my back door and stick a few ......

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Magic Encounter

Hi my name is Johnny i’m 17 and from London, England. My story happened last summer on my visit to my aunt Shirley’s. She lives in a small town outside Leeds and lives with her fiance who is never around as he has a job which involves long haul driving. Nearly every summer as long as i could remember i had gone to her house in the summer as it was so beautifu......

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Camila Horse 07-part02

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real-animal-sex thumb 4

Wanna see a sexy Brazilian sucking of a horse?. Look no further, Camila is fucking and blowing her horse. No censor!.

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